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Hainan Island, China

11 APR

Sanya International Brands Expo

HCham attends a recent 3-day International Brands Expo at the Mangrove Tree Resort, Sanya City.


HCham CEO, Glyn David, visiting the HCham team at our information stand


Globalising the Hainan Business Environment is not just about attracting Fortune 500 HQ’s and massive infrastructure projects and investments. Instead, building the business eco-system requires the participation of businesses large and small, connected with and active in Hainan. As the new Free Trade Zone and Port develops, attracting and gaining the attention of traders globally and particularly those along the Belt and Road, is equally as important as attracting the big fish. A whale won’t survive in a swimming pool. The entire business environment and eco-system is co-dependant, and for every large corporation, there needs to be numerous smaller businesses and services available to support them, their staff and the population as a whole.


HCham was happy to visit and chat with companies from a variety of countries, individual traders as well as established brands from around the globe, provide them with some useful insights and connections and to welcome them to Hainan and do our best to assist them in their business here!

Beautiful, high-quality scarves and rugs from Kashmir attracted much attention

Intricately carved, hand-made furniture from India

Specialty teas from Sri-Lanka proving popular in China!


Taiwanese Whiskey

Variety from Thailand

Organic honey from Australia (all the samples completely sold out on day one!)

There was equally brisk trade in carpets from Afghanistan

Trying to keep the CEO away from the whiskey samples proved pointless!

HCham recommends to all the local SME’s who have products to show, that they attend next year’s event.  In fact, we are considering creating an HCham Members’ stand (much larger) next time, so we can help our members get their brands out there and their products on display.  Are you interested?  We’re here to support you, so contact us for further details and to register your interest now!








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