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Setting up a Business in Hainan

Setting up a Business in Hainan

A topic which keeps coming up is how to set up a wholly-foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) business in Hainan, and coupled with that, how can I get a work permit, work visa, residence permit for myself and/or my foreign employees in Hainan?  In fact, there are a lot more steps than just these, and many additional questions you should be asking.  But, how can people know what they don’t know they need to know until after they need to know it? (You may need to read that last sentence twice).

Just the beginning – registering your company

You can use our experience

At HCham, we know that company set up in China is a bit like building flat-packed furniture. The instructions (if you have them) are a mystery, there always seem to be bits missing or you’re not sure what they are for, maybe you don’t have all the right tools, and one thing is definitely true – it’s a LOT easier to do if you’ve done it many times before!

It’s not easy to find reliable information on the internet, nor to actually follow the physical procedures and processes involved – filling in forms in government offices, finding the right people and places to take all the necessary steps, etc.  On top of that, everyone is happy to give you (usually conflicting) advice, ranging from “Hey, it’s easy!” (though we don’t hear that one very often) to “It’s horrendous, so stressful, takes forever, don’t bother!” (which, sadly, we have heard far too often).

We also know the pitfalls!

The obvious thing seems to be to get someone else to do it all for you, and a quick search on the ‘net will find a number of companies established to provide incorporation services. Many of these sources of information are out of date, and many make promises it is hard to believe (if you’re an old China hand). If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.

On top of this, we hear tales of highly restrictive contracts and sharp practices which leave a newly-formed company unable to be successful, promises of subsidies or other funding which never materialise, and little or no help or information beyond free company setup and an office address.  Especially with regard to funding or subsidies, if someone makes reference to this being possible for your small company, ask them to introduce you to some wholly-foreign owned companies for whom they have previously secured such subsidies or funding.  Should be easy, shouldn’t it?

It is notable to us that many of the people and companies we have (and are currently) assisting had poor or incorrect information, had already become frustrated by local agencies who badly handled their setup, or larger institutions who handled their initial company setup easily but then all support (and promises) disappeared in real terms.

No-one loves taxes, but even less actually going to the tax office!

We want your business to succeed

HCham exists to independently facilitate and enable international businesses in Hainan, motivated by existing and experienced international business-people’s desire to build the business environment, living environment and opportunities for all.

We have already provided direct help, assistance and informed advice for a number of entrepreneurs in all parts of Hainan and we recognise that doing this provides a valuable service for all concerned. And so, we have decided to formalise it by officially providing all of these services as a range of business services available from HCham.

We have built a lot of flat-packed furniture!

HCham, at China Customs, being interviewed about foreign companies using Chinese official agencies for Hainan TV

HCham has numerous members, large and small, who have been through the process and staff who have handled company setup in Hainan for many years. HCham is happy to provide a stress-free journey from company registration (getting a registered office address and a business licence – which is only the very simple beginning) and onwards through every stage necessary (and advisable) to actually do business in Hainan.

These services include:

    •  Business Registration
    •  Company registered office address
    •  Company Seals
    •  National and Municipal Tax Registration
    •  Your first 6 months of tax filing
    •  Training for the fapiao system and making fapiao (Chinese VAT receipts)
    •  Registering for and understanding China Social Security (including Housing Fund for Chinese employees)
    •  Applying for China Work Permits, Work (Z) Visas, China Residence Permits
    •  Opening personal and company bank accounts in Hainan
    •  Arranging China trademarks and other IP protection
    •  Understanding China website requirements and ICP filing
    •  Training and setup of powerful social media for business in China and Hainan (WeChat Official Accounts, Weibo, other China internet media channels)
    •  Assistance with dealing with government agencies where necessary
    •  And much more (just ask us)!

We will continue to support you

We are introducing these services partly by demand (people have asked us to help, even those who had previously set up via other routes) and partly to add to the ease of doing business in Hainan by providing a reliable and independent company set up service.

However, our mission is not to be a company set up agency in Hainan, but to facilitate and enable international business of all sizes and industry sectors.  Our members include Fortune 500 companies to sole-trader start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. HCham has the people-network, knowledge, experience and reach to continue to support your business long after your initial set-up. Successful companies need much more than an initial company set up, and we can help you many ways through

Business and social events

Networking sessions

Seminars and webinars

Workshops and training

Business information

Industry committees and working groups


With HCham you can find both formal and informal help and advice, gain genuine insights into business in Hainan from those who have been doing so for years, find suppliers, clients, customers, routes to market, advertising channels and much more.

Whether you are in Haikou, Sanya, or any other part of Hainan, we are there too and we can help.

HCham believes in working together to build an improved, real and successful business environment in Hainan Free Trade Zone and Port, for the benefit of us all!

Contact us today for more information, to receive our new business services guide or with any questions you may have.

Email:  info@hcham.org

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