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Hainan Island, China


Better Business in Hainan

If you have never heard of Hainan, that will soon change! Aiming initially to rival and later surpass the best global business environments, and with ambitious but realisable targets set by the Chinese Government for development over the next decade or so, Hainan Province has become the new frontier of opening to international business in China.

HCham has been formed at this crucial time to better connect, inform and enable local and international business in and with the rapidly developing, new Hainan Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port.

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HCham provides the five essential services for Better Business in Hainan!

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Via a steady and already established engagement with municipal and provincial government and departments at all levels, and with direct links to international trade and business institutions and enterprise, HCham is the Voice of Business in Hainan, at all levels. We are able to represent the interests of the entire business community, industry or sector specific groups and even individual members or special interest groups through a raft of available consultative, debate and advocacy forums and connections.

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