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Hainan Island, China

About HCham

HCham exists to fulfil needs…

  • The needs of the international business community (both in and connected with Hainan).
  • The needs of local businesses already established, or in the process of establishing themselves in Hainan.
  • The needs of Chinese enterprises doing international business.
  • The needs of the Hainan community as a whole for attracting and enabling international interest and investment for economic growth.

Whilst representing the needs of its business members at all times as its number one priority, HCham will work in public-private partnership, acting as a medium between government and industry, to promote the benefits inherent in increased business connections, internationalization and a constantly evolving and improving business environment.

HCham exists to provide solutions…

To achieve these goals, HCham provides the five essential services for Better Business in Hainan!





Business Services


Nowhere is networking more important than in China. Whom you know, and who knows you, are integral in the bedrock of success. HCham massively enhances its members’ business, political and social networks - a crucial and interlinked combination in China.  HCham is The Business Network for Hainan.

Expand your local and international business network via the member’s directory, events, promotional activities, social gatherings and, even better, play an active role in committees and promotions.

Engage with local government officials and departments, international institutions and foreign government trade departments via HCham’s membership connections and events. Meet policy-makers, regulators and enablers through HCham.

Attend meetings with a variety of special interest groups, international delegations, industry specific events and government consultation committees to deepen your network and relationship with stakeholders and decision-makers across the entire business spectrum.

Meet the people who can add to your success by participating in HCham activities in Hainan, mainland China and overseas.


Good information is key to successful business planning, decision-making and operational management, and one of the foundations of a better business environment.  HCham can provide clear, accessible information in English for international entrepreneurs and companies to have a better, reliable understanding of doing business in Hainan.  Our members will be able to access both business information and even living essentials, all of which can add to the ease of doing business, and allow for better-informed decisions.

Our information sections cover everything from official government announcements to commercial regulations, step-by-step guides (such as how to register a company in Hainan), explanations of the various Chinese government departments and their functions and responsibilities, tax registration and reporting responsibilities of companies and employees, basic tax guides, individual and corporate banking, employment rules for foreign and Chinese employees, guides to securing work permits and residence permits for your company’s employees, and considerably more essential and useful information, unavailable elsewhere in such detail, and even including our own members’ advice based on their personal experiences.

In addition, our living and working essentials pages are there for you and your employees’ welfare and understanding, with everything from advice about medical and educational facilities, through travel and transport, accommodation, culture, food and drink, understanding the environment, dealing with official agencies, even how to get a driving licence – and more!  All of which will add to your better understanding of the opportunities in Hainan, and improve your employees’ experience of living and working, with all the benefits that has for mobility, retention and employee welfare. HCham Informs your Business in Hainan!


Via a steady and already established engagement with municipal and provincial government and departments at all levels, and with direct links to international trade and business institutions and enterprise, HCham is the Voice of Business in Hainan, and a focal point for two-way connection between government and industry.

We are able to represent the interests of the entire business community, industry or sector specific groups and even individual members or special interest groups through a raft of available consultative, debate and advocacy forums and connections.


HCham events range from glittering affairs to member-sponsored presentations, from general meetings to exclusive, behind-the-scenes industry-specific engagements, from social gatherings to lifestyle activities, and with a variety of workshops and seminars.

Whether you wish to arm yourself with better business knowledge, talk with a specific government department during an HCham organised visit, learn from the work practices of other members, promote your own business by sponsoring an event, take advantage of meeting policy and subject matter experts, or enjoy a few cocktails with other members, HCham will help you Grow your Business in Hainan!

Business Services and Additional Benefits

HCham’s services will Enable your Business in Hainan.

In addition to our events, HCham provides a wide range of business services, facilities and benefits to its members. Many of these are provided free or discounted (depending on your membership level – see the membership details pages for more information).

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