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Hainan Island, China



HCham members are able to take advantage of our individual and combined advertising packages and platforms, offering by far the most effective and valuable tools for getting your message out there – whether that’s to Hainan, in Hainan or from Hainan out to the rest of the world. Sponsors and large corporate members enjoy free or discounted rates on all our advertising services. All members may make free use of our marketing team to assist with their campaign design when advertising via HCham.

Email Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter is emailed around the world and gets your brand and services known by an ever-growing readership.

  • Options on banner ad placements and sizes.
  • Hyperlink directly to your own content
  • Quarterly and annual placements available.


Advertise on our site to reach a global and well-qualified audience. As one of the leading source of information and business reports and news for Hainan, your advertisement will reach not just HCham members but be seen by the world.

  • 24/7 Exposure
  • Options on banner ad placements and sizes.
  • Hyperlink directly to your own content
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual placements available.

Sponsor or Co-sponsor Events

By sponsoring or co-sponsoring events, both large and small, you can target your market, increase your brand visibility, meet in person with those who are directly interested or involved in your sector, or reach out to a wider audience at larger general conferences and events, in the sure knowledge that they will have seen your brand and logo as a sponsor.

  • Your brand logo on event advertising and at the event.
  • Ability to speak at the event possible.
  • Hyperlinks from online and newsletter advertising for the event.
  • Bespoke packages available.

Combination Advertising

Combine your advertising using newsletter, website and sponsorship combinations (any two, or all three) for sustained and comprehensive brand exposure. Great discounts from individual advertising services rates and an across the board reach.

To advertise with HCham, please contact us at marketing@hcham.org to discuss your requirements

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