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Hainan Island, China

Code of Ethics

The HCham Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics provides guidelines for and requirements of the everyday personal and business conduct of both HCham and every HCham member.

  1. HCham’s members shall observe and abide by HCham’s General Terms and Conditions, of which this Code of Ethics forms part, as set out on our website and as may be amended from time to time.
  2. HCham shall and expects each member to operate to a high standard of business and personal ethics and integrity, and to be honest in their dealings with government, officials, the public, clients and customers, firms or other corporations, entities, or organizations with whom the member interacts or transacts. Members should pursue and have clearly defined Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Business policies.
  3. HCham shall and expects each member to observe and comply with all laws, rules, and regulations of Hainan and the People’s Republic of China whenever they do business in or with China, and those of any other location or region in which members are registered as lawful business entities or are resident. In addition, HCham and all members shall respect the culture and societal norms of China and its people, and shall not promote nor be involved in any activities which are harmful or contrary to the interests of the Chinese people.
  4. HCham shall and and all members should avoid any activities that involve or would lead to their involvement in any unlawful practices, whether corporately, individually or collectively. Accordingly, each member should understand the legal standards, requirements and restrictions that apply to all registered businesses, individuals or other entities in Hainan and the People’s Republic of China.
  5. Members are expected to endorse HCham’s overall mission of enabling, promoting, representing and safeguarding the interests of Hainan’s business community. Members are expected to be reputable representatives of HCham and not represent their membership of HCham in any way which brings discredit to themselves, HCham nor any other member.
  6. Members should acknowledge that any practice or behavior that contradicts HCham’s mission, general interest, breaches this Code of Ethics or in any way brings HCham or any of its members into disrepute or discredit, whether by action or omission, shall result in a review by the Executive Committee and possible expulsion from membership.

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