Hainan Island, China

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Hainan Island, China

Extra Benefits

In addition to access to HCham’s Networking, Information, Consultation, Events and other Business Services, being a member means you can enjoy additional rewards and cut-price services with other members and HCham partners, along with extremely valuable additional free or discounted services at HCham.

Member to Member Discount Scheme

All HCham members are eligible for discounts on a wide range of goods and services with other members who have offered discounts via our Member-to-Member Discounts Scheme. For a full list of those who will offer you a discount when you present your HCham Membership Card or HCham e-Card, and further details, click the Read More button below.

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Personal Meet & Assist

HCham’s Meet and Assist service is available as a FREE one-time service to Sponsors and Large Corporate Members, and discounted via other membership levels. This valuable introduction and facilitation tool smooths the transition into China and Hainan for any business of whatever size!

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HCham Services Discount

HCham members can also receive further discounts on a range of further business services.

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Visa Assistance

Decidedly relevant to any company (regardless of size), entrepreneur or start-up coming to Hainan from abroad, our Visa Assistance service is FREE for all members based outside China, with graded services dependant on membership level.

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