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Hainan Island, China


How do I become a member of HCham?

To join HCham, simply go to the Membership Details page, select your membership level and proceed to the join us page. A form will be sent to us and we will contact you promptly.

How do I pay my membership fee with HCham?

After we receive your HCham membership application form, one of our membership team will contact you to confirm your details and take payment, which can be by bank transfer, Credit or debit card or online payment services and APPs.

How do I renew my HCham membership?

Shortly before your HCham membership subscription expires, one of our team will contact you to suggest you renew your membership. There may be an early renewal discount applied, though your membership will run from your expiry date for either one or two years, so it is worth renewing early in some cases.

Can HCham assist me with my business meetings in China?

HCham has a Meet and Assist Service which can include meeting facilitation and arrangements, in addition to transport and concierge. Please see our Meet and Assist Service page for more details.

Can HCham help me to set up a company in China?

As an HCham member you will get much free information about how to set up a foreign-owned company in Hainan. We can also refer you to one of our recommended business specialists who can fully assist you with all stages of company set up.

How do I get a work visa for China?

For those who need a business visa for China, please visit our Visa Assistance page. HCham member information pages include information for SMEs (and larger company’s HR departments) which includes visa, work permits and residence permits requirements for employers and employees. However, HCham itself does not arrange work visas, that must be arranged through your employer in China.

Are there any financial incentives or grants available for startups or entrepreneurs?

Hainan has numerous government sponsored competitions, grants and other incentives available, including tax rebates or reductions. HCham members will receive news of these as they are announced and via our information pages.

Do Hcham members get discounts on business services and from suppliers in Hainan?

Yes. There are a variety of discounts available between members, as both business suppliers and also lifestyle and leisure activities. Please see our Member-to-Member Discounts Scheme page and Business Services pages for more.

Can HCham help me communicate with a government department?

HCham consultation meetings and other events connect businesses directly with a variety of government departments. Also, if an HCham member is having any specific problems, other members may be able to help, as you will discover during HCham workshops and seminars, or the HCham team may advise in some cases.

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