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25 MAR

Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau (HIIPB)

HCham is delighted to learn from news reports on Hinews that Haikou, the provincial capital of Hainan, has introduced a new dedicated service for investment promotion and information provision for international business, formed under the auspices of Haikou Commerce Bureau. With bilingual services (English and Chinese) available via telephone hotlines and online provisions, the HIIPB will provide official information on policy and industrial parks under Haikou’s sphere of responsibility. 

Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau officially launches, 20 March 2020 

HIIPB complements the already existing provincial International Economic Development Bureau (IEDB) which performs similar functions at the provincial level, and recently introduced multi-lingual hotlines for investors to learn more about Hainan’s policies for developing the Free Trade Port, business set-up and more. 

Wu Chuan, Deputy Director of Hainan Commerce Department and Director IEDB introduces new helplines and other services during a recent TV interview 

Hainan’s provision of these essential government information services for international investors and potential investors is a great sign that the FTP’s development begins to mirror other global business destinations, providing services comparable with Hong Kong Invest or Invest London, for example. 

Director Wu Chuan introduces an official from the Ministry Of Commerce in Beijing to HCham’s CEO, Glyn David, at a VIP dinner during a Hainan FTZ conference held in Haikou, 2019 

HCham welcomes these developments and looks forward to cooperating fully with both official agencies to the increased benefit of all stakeholders in Hainan Free Trade Port’s success! 

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