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Hainan Island, China

22 NOV

Business Highlight – The Hainan FTZ (Port) – The View from Hainan

As the start date for the Hainan FTZ looms, what can we expect on 1 January 2020?  Undoubtedly, preparing policy and implementation for opening the world’s largest Free Trade Zone must seem a daunting task, and perhaps some may even doubt its realisation. 

HCham is not only optimistic, but believes in and supports wholeheartedly the inauguration and development of the Hainan FTZ and Port.

Our CEO visits the First International Civil and Commercial Court of Hainan – just one of many unique and innovative features of the Hainan FTZ (Port). HCham will be doing a full feature on the Court in the very near future.

We have witnessed a genuine determination to succeed and commitment to the project which is evident from the highest levels of government, through to the hard-working and industrious government administrative staff working behind the scenes in all departments and agencies.

This sense of purpose is admirable, as is China’s track record on bringing in projects to plan and on time, in no small part due to the positive attitude and public-spirited pride and determination of its people. We also believe that the realisation of the China Dream as represented by the Hainan Free Trade Zone and Port will benefit the entire global community.

Over 130 specialists from other provinces have transferred to Hainan to assist in policy-making and implementation practices. Much attention is being paid to improved and increased education, healthcare, visa and work permit provisions, technological enhancements to systems and services, support for key industrial sectors and the overall environment.

It presents international business opportunities across the board, especially to begin with for:

New technologies
Blockchain and AI applications
EV and alternative/renewable energy
Research and Development
Cultural exchange and tourism
International sports events
Environmental protection
Modern services, including legal
Investment and financial services
Conferences and exhibitions

Whilst many policy details will emerge from January 1, that will only be the beginning. Rolling out increasing developments and innovations will require many years of continuing hard work, but this is an exciting time for Hainan.

Are yuo interested in business in China and in Hainan? You should prepare yourself for the largest Free Trade Zone and Port to be top of your list of potential destinations.

Stay in touch with developments and network with HCham from now and on into the future, and allow our finger on the pulse to inform and enable your planning, risk management and smart business decisions.

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