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Hainan Island, China

11 MAR

How to get your Hainan Health QR Code

Getting your Health QR code is not complicated but it can get a bit tricky,  HCham will present you an easy walk through step by step.

1/ First you will need an Alipay Verified account and a Chinese Bankcard linked to it.

2/ Make sure your Alipay app region is set for Chinese Mainland instead of international version.  Go to Me—>Settings—>Region for this.

3/ If you created your Alipay account a while ago you still might need to upload a picture of your passport (now is required for new verified accounts) For this go to Me—> Click on your name at the top of the page—>Identity Verification and add the missing information.

Now you can proceed to get your Health Code

1/ On Alipay App main screen click in “More” and then “City Service”

2/ Click on 海南健康码 

3/ Here you already should see your QR code. Now to fill in the daily report on your health status click on  每日健康打卡

4/ Fill in the required information according to this screenshot 

And you are ready to go, remember that you should fill in the report every day till further notice.

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