Hainan Island, China

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Hainan Island, China

Industry Committees

Chaired by the some of the most renowned and successful people in their respective sectors, HCham industry committees and working groups include all industries concerned with or having an interest in Hainan Province, Hainan Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port, and with or in China business.

From Global players to Local Business, HCham has a specific place for you!

Our Committees and Working Groups Include:

  • HCham General Committee
  • HCham International Advisory Council
  • HCham Environment and Eco-Civilisation Committee
  • HCham SME Committee
  • HCham Hotel and Hospitality Committee
  • HCham Expatriates Lifestyle Committee
  • HCham Automotive Industry Committee
  • HCham Business Intelligence Committee
  • HCham Aviation Industry Committee
  • HCham Leisure and Lifestyle Marine Committee
  • HCham Science and Technology Committee
  • HCham Medical, Health and Well-being Committee
  • HCham Charitable Services Committee
  • HCham Transportation Committee
  • HCham Internet Technology Committee
  • HCham Education Committee
  • HCham Sports and Leisure Committee
  • HCham Real Estate Development Committee
  • HCham Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Committee
  • HCham Banking and Financial Services Committee
  • HCham Investments Promotions Committee
  • HCham Events Committee
  • HCham Young Executives Committee

Get involved, be informed, play your part in progress!

If you feel you have something to add for your own industry and you’d like to be included on one of our committees, please contact us at committees@hcham.org

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