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Hainan Island, China

Latest Updates

20 FEB

New Member Profile: Euro China Huizhi

EuroChina Huizhi ltd is a consulting firm specialized in innovative clean technologies. EuroChina Huizhi ltd is a consulting firm with ...

19 FEB

Hainan Official Financial Support Measures for Tourism Industry

Hainan Official Measures to Ease the Financial Burden on Businesses during the COVID-19 Crisis Below, in italics, is a machine ...

19 FEB

Dr Tim Stephens Presents an HCham Webinar on COVID-19

HCham is pleased to announce that a free public webinar, including online Q&A, will be presented by Dr Tim Stephens, ...

19 FEB

HCham Launches its Webinar Services

Is your business suffering communication or cash flow issues during the current situation?Could you be Smart Working online, regaining cashflow ...

17 FEB

Member Portal on Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

This evolving page will be regularly updated with all the essential information relevant to member companies and their employees affected ...

14 FEB

HCham Re-Opens Services Remotely

Dear Members and Friends, Following recent developments regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), HCham is back from Chinese New Year vacation ...

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