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05 JUN

New Member Profile: DreamArt Photography

New Member Profile: DreamArt Photography

It’s great to see more international companies establishing in Hainan, and following assisting them to register a company here, HCham is pleased to welcome multi-national DreamArt Photography as an active member and new business to Hainan.

DreamArt Board Member Benoit LaPlanche-Lionet and Hainan Director Charlotte Magnette with their new Hainan subsidiary’s business licence arranged by HCham
When asked why they joined HCham and what benefit this might bring, their reply was:

“We started the setup of our WFOE in Hainan with a Chinese company that had no experience with business license registration for foreign-owned company. We quickly got stuck for months with domiciliation problems as we were badly informed of the regulation from the beginning.”

“HCham have been very helpful with solving this business license registration. The information received was precise and accurate and the follow up is complete from first meeting to the License reception. The overall process is efficient and quick.”

“We believe HCham can help us connect with Hainan tourism industries through their events and connection and give us accurate business information and advice in a country we don’t have the codes and knowledge yet.”

“HCham has already provided us as well with very useful advice regarding business relation with Chinese companies and officers and we are very pleased to be able to count on an organization that can advise us, having a deeper knowledge of an unknown country.”

We will allow them to also introduce themselves in their own words…

DreamArt Photography

DreamArt Photography was founded in 2005 by a team of French luxury photographers wishing to capture the “Art of Emotion” through photography in luxury hotels around the world. The brand aims to create an unforgettable photography experience that will capture the best of people’s luxury vacations. Today, new smartphones are threatening the photography market. The only way to achieve long-term success is to propose a “Customer Experience”. At DreamArt Photography, that’s what we do every day !

Recognized as the world leader in lifestyle photography, DreamArt Photography’s success is the fruit of hard work and fundamental ingredients: the collaboration of passionate experts and a quest for the perfect balance between an extraordinary experience and the art of photography.

Our international team of passionate artists and professionals are trained to the highest standards of service in the luxury industry in order to promote the “French luxury touch” through attitude, through the quality of our photos. The Dream Team is made up of 101 thinkers and doers who together, are building a true leading photography powerhouse exclusively in luxury hotels in 3 countries on 2 continents. We’re present in Mexico, Jamaica and China.

Our luxury photographers focus on bringing out in people feelings of magic, happiness, love, and gratitude during their high-end vacations in order to create and capture an unforgettable experience.


DreamArt created the concept of “Lifestyle” 10 years ago, it’s our signature product.

Lifestyle Photography is based on capturing emotions with a photo quality as high as that of weddings. It’s photography with real emotion, one we believe in. It’s about capturing movement, laughter, unforgettable moments. It’s built upon creating feelings of magic, happiness, love, complicity, and gratitude.


Remember your Wedding forever with our Wedding photography and videography services. We are highly trained and experienced to capture every moment of your special day to the highest of standards, so that you feel this Love for a Lifetime.


DreamArt Photography captures the beauty of your spaces and adds to it a mood, that will transmit the feeling you wish to convey with your hotel guests. Our photographs will make you stand out from the competition, whether it be your architecture, your indoor and outdoor spaces, your services, or even your food and beverages.


Relive every second of your amazing vacation or wedding with our 4K videography and drone service tailored to your wishes.


Be sure to never forget your event with our Event photography and videography services, whether it be a large corporate conference, a black-tie award ceremony, or a friendly

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