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25 NOV

New Member Profile: McQIU LAWYERS

HCham is happy to introduce one of our new members:

MCQiu Lawyers is an international law firm whose dedicated team of legal professionals provide a diverse range of legal services.

Qualified to appear in the Supreme Court and High Court of the Commomwealth of Australia.

Has over 15 years of extensive legal experience in a broad range of legal areas in Australia including property, companies, family, commercial and trusts.

Selected as a prominent lawyer by many well-known Australian legal consulting platforms.

Widely acclaimed in the Australian legal profession.

Lawyer Kathy Qiu

Kathy Qiu

-Background experience-

  1. Nearly 20 years of law practice experience;
  2. Interviewed by Haikou TV;
  3. Interviewed by Australian Chinese television network;
  4. Has been teaching in Australia for 15 years;
  5. Interviewed by CCTV [Chinese star]
  6. The 23rd generation descendant og Qiu Jun, the Prime Minister of the Ming Dinasty of China.

-Appointed as-

  1. Legal advisor, Australia-China General Chamber of Commerce;
  2. Secretay and Legal adviser of Australia-China Chamber of International Commerce
  3. Director of the Australia-China Office of the Cultural Council; and
  4. International Arbitrators of the Hainan International Court of Arbitration
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