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Hainan Island, China

04 DEC

New Member Profile: Chamzon Law Firm

Lawyers for International Clients in China

Chamzon are Local Lawyers with Global Perspectives.

They are a PRC law firm with an international background.  With their intimate understanding of China’s increasingly complex legal environment, we counsel clients on how to structure transactions, minimize risks, liaise with government agencies and conduct business operations.     


Wang Dong
(Founding Partner)

They assist their clients in navigating the innovation sphere in China.

Specialized in Cross-Border Transactions

Seasoned and trusted advisors to foreign companies tapping into and operating in the China market.
Chamzon understand where our clients’ concerns lie and what challenges they face in the ever-evolving China market. They are not only lawyers, but also counselors, strategists, and advocates to optimize cross-border success.  

They Offer Goal-Oriented Solutions

Business results are at the core of our services.  They place the ultimate business goal at the forefront of our analysis of legal issues.

Chamzon  understand what clients need and we use innovative legal techniques to deliver optimal solutions.  They are always a value-added partner of our clients, their success is a measure of our success.

5/F, Annex building of Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, Chaoyang District, Beijing 


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