Hainan Island, China

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Hainan Island, China

Our Staff

Glyn David


With a main professional background in the global air transport and oil and gas industries, and seats on numerous international professional and research bodies, Glyn has been in Hainan for the past 11 years.

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Stan Liu

Office Administrator

Stan Liu is from China, Jilin Province, has worked in Haikou for the last five years.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Commerce and an MBA from Thompson Rivers University Canada. He also has rich work experience in a state-owned bank, a Hainan Provincial level Government department and a Fortune 500 company.

Stan will manage general office administration along with routine communications and administrative tasks with our members, government departments and office visitors.

Giulia Fisicaro

Marketing, Communications, Media and Events Specialist

Giulia grew up in Italy and moved to China in 2017 for the first time, she joined in HCham in 2019.  

Giulia’s previous work experience includes along with work experience in Communications, Events Management, Customer Relationships, Social Media Management, volunteering at the Marine Mammal and Marine Bioacoustics Lab (IDSSE, Chinese Academy of Science). Giulia joins HCham as our Member Liaison Officer, but with additional responsibilities with our social media and other communications and marketing functions.

Giulia holds a Master’s degree in Entertainment Science and Multimedia Communication.

Humberto Alvarez

Interns Management and Creative Design

Humberto Alvarez moved to Hainan in 2013 to improve his chinese language skills. With more than 15 years experience in spanish hospitality industry and a Bachelors Degree in Business Economy joined HCham in Sept 2018.

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