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03 MAR

Pets can get COVID-19 ? No evidence!

“Recently it was reported that a dog of one of the people diagnosed with Covid-19 has also tested weak positive for the virus. There are still a lot of unknowns, but here is what we DO know:
The World Health Organization and all major animal health organizations are reporting that pets do not get sick from Covid-19 Dogs and cats have their own, species-specific Corona viruses.
There is no evidence that this dog passed the virus on to their family.
The dog is not showing any signs of being sick.
We have not seen an increase in unexplained respiratory illnesses in dogs or cats recently.

Remember, this is a new virus and there has not been enough time to do a lot of studies. There have been no published studies as to whether the Covid-19 test is even accurate in dogs and cats. It’s possible – and likely – that this is just a false positive.

For now, stay calm. Make sure to take precautions for yourself (washing hands, avoiding crowds, etc). There is no need to buy face masks for your pets or to isolate your pets. Please, as always, wash your hands after cuddling or petting your pets. The entire veterinary community is monitoring the situation closely and is committed to keeping you and your pet healthy and safe.”

Dr Lawren Durocher-Babek, DVM, DACVIM, VSH’s Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist. Dr. Lawren Durocher-Babek, Veterinary Internist. Hong Kong.

Below an article from SPCA in Hong Kong about it

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
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